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        Belt and Direct Drive in the screw compressor performance comparison

        Date:2016-07-11   Click:

        In the air compressor drive system, in general, can be divided into Direct drive and belt drive, a long time, two kinds of transmission methods which one is better has been the focus of debate, one of the industry. Screw-type air compressor refers to the direct drive spindle motor shaft through the device and the gear box with variable speed to drive the rotor, which in fact does not really mean a direct transmission. The true sense of the direct-drive motor that is directly connected with the rotor (coaxial) and both the same speed. This situation is clearly minimal. So the idea that there is no direct transmission of energy consumption point of view is wrong.

        Another way transmission belt, air compressor drive in this way allows different diameter pulleys to change the rotor speed. Discussed below the belt drive system is the following conditions are met representatives of the latest technology, automation systems:

        ● operational status of each compressor belt tension reached the optimal value.

        ● Compressor start by avoiding too much tension, greatly extended the belt's working life, while reducing the load on the motor and rotor bearings.

        ● Always ensure that the correct pulley connection.

        ● replace the belt is easy and fast and does not need to adjust the original set.

        ● security of the entire belt drive system trouble-free operation.

        It is worth mentioning that advocates direct-gear drive manufacturers themselves are also part of the product using belt drive.

        Air Compressor Direct Drive and Belt drive performance in a number of significant differences:

        1. Efficiency

        Good gear air compressor efficiency up to 98% -99%, a good belt drive design in normal working conditions can be achieved 99% efficiency (see, Professor Heinz Peeken published in December 1991, "transmission technology" research report). The difference does not depend on the choice of transmission mode, but depending on the manufacturer's design and manufacturing standards.

        2. No load power consumption

        Compressor for a direct drive gear means to maintain the no-load pressure is generally above the 2.5bar, and some even as high as 4bar, to ensure that the gearbox lubrication.

        For belt drive mode, theoretically no-load pressure can be zero, because the rotor enough to suck the oil into the rotor and the bearing lubrication. Usually for safety reasons, the pressure maintained at around 0.5bar.

        In order to drive a 160kw gear compressor, for example, the work of 8,000 hours per year, of which 15% (ie 1200 hours) time for the no-load, this machine than a year belt drive air compressor with the power to consume the 28800kwh electricity (assuming the two-machine no-load pressure for the 2bar, about 15% of the energy differences), the long term, it would be no small cost.

        3. Loss of oil

        On the air compressor experienced actual users are aware, the first to suffer loss of the oil situation will be the gear box. Belt drive system completely the existence of such security problems.

        4. According to the user to design working pressure

        User requirements are usually the work pressure on the manufacturer standard models of stress do not coincide. For example, with